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“Jeff is knowledgeable, dedicated and has the relationships to get my projects the attention and shot they deserve.”-Brad Davison SVP S-Curve Records

  “Having worked on both sides of the fence, so to speak, I’ve had the pleasure of working projects with Jeff!  He always provided our clients with timely and pertinent information.  Now, working on the radio side of the biz, I know why…he’s one of the easiest reps to deal with.  I love taking his calls.  He’s a pro I highly recommend.”-Mark Radway PD/KRVO

 “I love Jeff Appleton!!!…and well, the weekly newsletter is usually my biggest laugh of the week! If he ever gets tired of talking music, he should retire and write about his daily observations about life!  But Jeff, please don’t retire! I’d miss you terribly!”-Diane  Michaels-KPND

“Jeff Appleton is one of the true gentlemen in this business. His many years of experience (but not too many) doing radio promotion—for major labels, indie labels and as an independent promoter—have taught him the right way to get songs played at stations in markets of all sizes. In short, Jeff Appleton is a consummate professional and I enthusiastically recommend him to my clients every chance I get.” —Jim Nelson, A Taste Of Triple A

“Jeff works hard, and doesn’t waste my time on a laundry list of crappy records, when Jeff talks, I listen”-John McGue WNKU

“I have known Jeff for a long period of time. I have worked with him numerous occassions and on a wide variety of music projects. Each time he exceeds expectations. His complete knowledge of the radio & music market place are second to none. The keen insight he brings each day to work makes it a true pleasure to work with him. He is results oriented, highly productive , with outstanding integrity.”- Brian Rhoades VP CBS Records

“Jeff Appleton and AAA are synonymous.  He is a dedicated radio promoter who cares not only about the music he selects to work with, but the artists themselves.  Just mentioning his name to DJ’s and PD’s earns instant respect.  If you work with Jeff, you get attention, hands down.  Marathon got me a ton spins, my name known in Triple A Radio and well acquainted with a damn good guy.”-P.J. Pacifico Recording Artist

 “One of the easiest guys in the business to get along with!  Plus, pretty cool projects don’t hurt either.”-Sandy Blackwell PD KROK

“Jeff Appleton never fails to help me find whatever artist and title I’m looking for – whether he’s working it or not! Added to that is his newsletter, as relatable and funny as good disc jockies used to be (and few still are). And Jeff’s understanding of how the business works from soup to nuts (and boy are there bowls full of those!) really makes him and his projects – even if I can’t always play them – a highlight of my week!”- Sybil McGuire APD/MD/WRVA-Raleigh

“I have the greatest respect for Jeff Appleton’s work ethic and integrity.” Mason Munoz Artist manger

“The best part about working with Jeff Appleton is his understanding that all stations are (and should be) different in the way they select music. Jeff is always ready to help when I have a question, a request, or an itch that I can’t quite reach.” Sarah McClune PD WVMP

“Straight shootin’, no B.S. – The consummate music promo guy.
Jeff knows our station, our sound and tailors his advice to fit us. Talking music with Jeff on the phone is like talking an old friend about music. If there’s a song that Jeff is promoting, I know it’s worth a listen.” Ken Martin KRVM PD

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